making concrete pavers and flagstonesmaking concrete pavers and flagstones

What Is Making Concrete Pavers and Flagstones All About?

Making Concrete Pavers and Flagstones provides short how-to articles about concrete projects.  You’ll learn the basics here so I’ll provide links to other sites that will offer more advanced projects.

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How to Add Color to your Concrete Project

Your concrete project becomes a real work of art after you add color. There are a number of ways to add color to concrete and which one you choose will depend on whether the item is already made or not. If your project is already made, such as a stepping stone, a pot or even … Continue reading

How to Make a Concrete Brick Mold

It’s very easy to make your own concrete bricks, pavers or stepping stones.  One item you will need for this project is a form to cast your item. You may  need more than one and you may need different sizes. Let’s use a patio paver for an example. Let’s say your patio design requires  cement … Continue reading

How to Make Concrete Pavers for a Sidewalk, Walkway or Patio

Making pavers for your sidewalk is fun and easy. Pavers are made of concrete and you can make them any size you want. Just remember, the larger they are, the heavier they are. Most pavers you buy are 4 x 8 inches and 2.25 inches thick. They look nice but why not make them a … Continue reading

How to Mix Concrete by Hand

You will need to know how to mix your concrete by hand if you buy it in the bag rather than have a cement truck deliver it as ready mix. There are two basic ways to do this. One way is with a cement mixer. If you are mixing a large volume of material this … Continue reading

How to Make Concrete Flagstone Forms

A patio or a walkway made with concrete flagstones is a fun project to do and it looks great. I like to use concrete flagstones, rather than use poured concrete, because they are easy to replace if one gets a chip or begins to spall. Safety item: always wear a face mask or at least … Continue reading

How to Make Stepping Stones from Concrete

It’s really fun to make stepping stones for your garden. It’s easy too. There aren’t very many materials you will need to make simple stepping stones so it’s an inexpensive way to add a unique character to your walkway. Here are the supplies you need to have for your stepping stone project: a bag of … Continue reading

How to Calculate How Much Concrete to Buy

There are a few formulas to learn that will make it easier for you to calculate how many bags of concrete to buy for your project. No matter what size bag you are planning to use, you can calculate how much concrete to buy. We know that there are 27 cubic feet in a cubic … Continue reading

5 Tips for Making Stepping Stones from Concrete or Sand Mix

Many people like to make stepping stones for their garden or even for a sidewalk. There are a few things you need to remember so your stepping stone project goes well. 1.  Only buy fresh sand mix or Portland cement. If the bag you are about to buy has a hole in it, or feels … Continue reading